Useful Isilon OneFS command lines – OneFs 8.x

The Below OneFS commands where tested on OneFS 8.x CLI Command Description isi stat Print the health status of the cluster isi version Print OneFS version isi license list List all licenses isi config Will take you to Isilon configuration console isi config >> shutdown Will shutdown the node you are at [...]

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How to construct emcopy sidmap file

emcopy version 4.17 supports converting old historical SID to new SID using sidmapfile switch, This is a great feature for CIFS/SMB migration especially that we can now convert all the old broken SID’s to new active SID’s while we are executing the emcopy file migration. In this exercise we will demonstrate how to construct the sidmap file [...]

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EMCopy error codes

How to Translate EMCopy error codes Before running emcopy to migrate data in production environment, it is always recommended to execute multiple test runs to solve all authentication and permissions errors. There are two ways to check for EMCopy error codes: Using Windows MSDN link below that will reference how to read those errors: Windows Error [...]

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Isilon InsightIQ – Exporting File system Analytics data to CSV

InsightIQ can export two kinds of statistics: cluster performance statistics using the command iiq_data_export perf export file system analytic's using the command: iiq_data_export fsa export In this exercise we will focus on FSA statistics Note: the following commands where tested on InsightIQ 3.1 iiq_data_export fsa list iiq_data export fsa list usage/switches: iiq_data_export fsa list {--clusters [...]

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Identify Old Historical SID and construct SIDMap file to update AD SIDs

Introduction: Evergreen SMB File migration project sometimes have to deal with data file migration that contains historical SID’s This kind of migration require additional planning and pre-work as we need to identify old AD SID history and create an SID map file to replace all the old SID with new active ones from the domain. [...]

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Enabling Isilon Variable Expansion for Windows Users Home Directories

Isilon variable expansion is a feature to dynamically create SMB shares for windows users home directories. To understand this feature you should first understand how windows user home directory works. With Windows user home directory we need to create an SMB share with personalized permissions and security settings for each individual user. In a small [...]

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Migrating Windows Folder Redirection with Offline Files to Isilon

There are several ways to migrate Windows Folder Redirection to a new storage, below are four scenarios on how we can implement the change. Migration Scenarios: In this exercise we will explain four migration scenarios with varying level of client impact:. Group Policy Points to “Do not move the contents of Documents to the [...]

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Deploy Windows Folder Redirection with Offline Files on Isilon

In this exercise we will explain how to deploy windows folder redirection with offline files on Isilon Cluster. To enable Windows folder redirection with offline files we need to do three steps: Enable folder redirection and chose what folders to redirect (Deploying Folder Redirection). Configure the parameters for the offline caching. (Configure offline [...]

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EMCopy Tool

EMCopy is a command-line file based migration tool that is used to replicate SMB files/directories including ability to replicate ACL permissions and ownership., another similar file based migration tools are SecureCopy and RoboCopy. EMCopy usage/switches: Usage: EMCOPY srcdir destdir [name [name]...] [/nosec] [/o] [/a] [/secfix] [/secforce] [/hda <account>] [/lg] [/lu] [/i] [/create] [/s] [/lev:n] [/d] [...]

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Designing and sizing a new Isilon Cluster consideration

There is a sizing tool available that will help you decide what type of nodes and the quantity that you should consider for your environment. In general when designing and sizing a new Isilon Cluster storage array the following points needs to be taken into consideration: How many Active users: will help with sizing for number [...]

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